Commissioning and maintenance of cathodic protection for concrete structures

In the design of cathodic protection of concrete structures, the area of local reinforcement and the distribution of water in unit concrete volume should be considered, so it is more convenient to divide the protected surface into several areas.

The control of cathodic protection is realized by measuring the potential, which is realized by the built-in reference electrode and the moving electrode on the surface. Although there are few data on the long-term stability of the built-in reference electrode, it can not be abandoned. Because the distance from the reinforcement is very small, so the infrared drop is very small. A special reference electrode was developed. The advantage of this reference electrode is that it can control the potential at any ideal position. Due to the distance from the steel bar, the IR drop error must be considered, especially near the anode. When shotcreting, it reacts with the old concrete and exchanges water.

Both of these processes will affect the potential, so the protective current can only be switched on 4 weeks after the surface concrete is finally sprayed. Generally, reinforced concrete will not be affected by stray current, but it may also be affected when roads and bridges pass through DC electrified railway. In general, the high resistance AC railway is used in the railway subgrade, which has good insulation. However, if there is stray current interference, necessary protection measures can be taken. In this way, other lines parallel to the steel bars and rails must be included in the protection system.

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