Function of intelligent potential acquisition instrument

With the construction of more and more buried pipeline projects, people pay more and more attention to the corrosion control of buried pipeline, and the pipeline corrosion leakage accidents are less and less.

Over the years, the corrosion damage accidents of buried pipelines have occurred continuously. For example, it is found that the anticorrosive coating of a pipeline has fallen off seriously and there is no cathodic protection measures, resulting in serious corrosion; in the process of excavation of some large projects, it is also found that the anticorrosive coating is seriously damaged, which causes the pipeline to suffer from corrosion; in addition, many projects constructed in earlier years have also emerged The corrosion leakage of buried pipeline has been reported. All these cases of pipeline corrosion urge people to take necessary protective measures as soon as possible. At the beginning of new pipeline construction, it is necessary to cooperate with cathodic protection on the basis of external anti-corrosion coating.

Cathodic protection potential collection is an essential and important work in pipeline cathodic protection management. If the cathodic protection potential is lower than - 850mv, it does not meet the protection requirements. If the cathodic protection potential is more negative than - 1200mv, hydrogen evolution will occur in the anticorrosive coating, which will lead to corrosion of the pipeline.

In the past, people used to carry multimeter, portable reference electrode and other detection equipment to the field for field detection, which not only has low work efficiency, but also has a bad outdoor environment and high risk, and is affected by the environmental weather and other factors, and the detection data is not timely and reliable.

The intelligent cathodic protection potential acquisition instrument of our company can be installed into the existing test pile, automatically collect the data of cathodic protection potential, natural potential and power-off potential according to the system settings, and upload them to the cathodic protection data monitoring center. The data acquisition is not affected by the outdoor weather and environment, and the data acquisition is more accurate. After the data uploaded by the acquisition instrument is processed by the monitoring center system, if there is abnormal potential data, it can automatically send an early warning notice to the administrator's mobile phone, so as to facilitate the managers to find out the pipeline cathodic protection problems in time. The application of the system not only greatly improves the reliability and accuracy of cathodic protection data detection, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and the risk of field work. It provides convenience for paperless office of cathodic protection management.

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