How to measure the potential of pipeline cathodic protection?

The pipeline potential is measured to control the interference calculation, and the environmental attenuation factor and resistance interference are determined. The measuring conductor must be perpendicular to the high voltage line causing interference to avoid the influence of induced voltage in the measuring conductor. The reference electrode is passed over the pipe in the voltage cone area of the high voltage device, and the contact voltage caused by resistance interference has been measured. According to the type of interference, the operator of high voltage device shall make corresponding preparation and record.

To obtain accurate values, the operator of the high-voltage device must provide records of the operating current and phase angle of all high-voltage lines that cause interference during the measurement. The pipe potential shall be recorded at each measuring point for approximately 15 minutes, synchronized with the interfering operating current. Only in this way can the pipeline potential be connected with the interference data of high voltage line.

In some sections where there is no pipeline measurement point, cathodic protection company can simulate the pipeline with specially designed measuring line. The measuring line is electrically connected to the nearest measuring point on any side of the tower. By connecting the grounding electrode to the measuring line, the pipeline potential can be measured along the pipeline.

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