Installation method of sacrificial anode cathodic protection

1. The type, quantity, distribution and connection mode of sacrificial anode cathodic protection shall meet the design requirements.

2. When the sacrificial anode and anode are connected by welding, the insulation sheath of the cable shall be kept at least 50 mm, and the steel core shall be treated with nylon steel wire rope or other steel wire rope to prevent the cable from breaking. The welding position and anode section must be polished and cleaned with alcohol; after cleaning, epoxy resin or coating and glass cloth with the same effect shall be used for anticorrosion and insulation, and no metal shall be exposed.

3. The oxide scale should be polished before wrapping sacrificial anode with welding wire. Before burying, the surface must be cleaned and there must be no oxide film and other dirt on the surface.

4. Sacrificial anode can be constructed by drilling or large excavation, or by vertical or horizontal burial, which is usually suitable for vertical construction.

5. The buried depth, location and spacing of sacrificial anode should meet the design requirements. If there is no regulation in the design, the buried depth of sacrificial anode should be less than 1.0m below the freezing line. The buried position is 3-5M away from the pipe wall and 2-3m away from the buried distance.

6. The connection between pipe and cable must be welded firmly. Mark shall be added for cable laying, and certain allowance shall be reserved during laying to adapt to backfill settlement. If it is necessary to adjust the circuit current of the sacrificial anode connecting cable, the regulating resistance can be connected in series between the pipe and the sacrificial anode terminal.

7. The actual position of anode installation according to the construction procedure shall be reflected in the completion data, and each process must be signed by the construction unit. Finally, Party A shall verify and sign.

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