On the current discharge protection of electromagnetic interference

In order to meet the needs of industrial production, the technical parameters and performance of the solid-state decoupling drainage device improved by the company are as follows: the sacrificial anode ground bed is composed of a group of sacrificial anode ground electrodes, and the sacrificial anode ground electrode is connected by wires with buried distance of 1.0m.

The sacrificial anode has good conductivity and drainage effect, and can be used as the drainage grounding electrode of the improved solid-state decoupling device. The anode of sacrificial anode ground bed involves underground concealed engineering. The whole construction process is in the charge of special personnel, and the inspection records are made. After completion, the sacrificial anode shall be handed over to the construction unit for safekeeping.

The improved solid-state decoupling drainage system is composed of improved solid-state decoupling drainage device, sacrificial anode grounding electrode and precious metal grounding electrode. The sacrificial anode grounding electrode and precious metal grounding electrode are connected in series to form the grounding body.

In this system, the improved solid-state decoupling exhaust fan has strong current extraction effect, anode grounding and precious metal grounding have good conductive effect. At present, the drainage effect is remarkable. In the field of strong electromagnetic interference, it can meet the requirements of electromagnetic interference protection. After the system is connected, the stray current on the pipeline can be effectively discharged, and part of the ground current interference source can be prevented from flowing into the pipeline through the drainage system.

The noble metal grounding electrode is composed of advanced reversible slow-release compound. The electrode surface is made of pure copper. Ensure the highest conductivity and long service life. The results show that the lack of free ion assisted conductivity is the direct cause of high soil resistivity. The filler outside the grounding conductor is a kind of material with strong water absorption, strong adsorption and strong cation exchange performance. It has the characteristics of long time, low resistance and corrosion resistance. The high coefficient of expansion is not affected by the change of temperature. It is assisted by a variety of high pressure shock resistant chemical materials. It is mainly used to solve the temperature around the ground wire, the amount of ions generated, corrosion protection and other issues. It reduces the contact resistance between electrode and soil, improves the resistivity of surrounding soil, and effectively enhances the ability of conducting electricity and releasing strong current. The filling material inside the conductor contains special ionic compounds, which can fully absorb the moisture in the air.

Active ions are effectively released into the soil by deliquescence, and interact with water and air in the soil, which further promotes the release of outer conductor and reduces the resistance, so that the resistance value is stable for a long time. Over time, the compound inside the conductor becomes transparent. We use the conductivity of colloidal compounds to make the whole system in the ion exchange state for a long time, thus forming a precious metal grounding electrode to achieve the ideal current drainage protection effect.

In order to ensure the drainage effect of electromagnetic protection system, on the basis of "improved solid state decoupling drainage system" or "sacrificial anode direct grounding bed system", the auxiliary drainage of "deep well anode precious metal grounding bed" is added. "Deep well type precious metal grounding bed" is a kind of precious metal grounding electrode installed by digging wells. As a deep well grounding body, it can effectively avoid the influence of interference current and voltage on system grounding body. The grounding resistance is very small, the current drainage effect is good, and the stability is good.

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