Overview of carbon materials

Carbon material is a kind of cathodic protection material. Carbon material is used as anode in electrolyte solution of brine. It has appeared as early as the end of 19th century.

If steel and solid carbon are used together with tamped carbon, coal and coke as the conditions for screening auxiliary anode of cathodic protection in soil medium, very serious corrosion will occur, and carbon and Coke will only have slight corrosion. Therefore, the practical value of carbon as auxiliary anode is great, and its service life is relatively high compared with steel. Therefore, it is commonly used in cathodic protection.

Carbon materials are also classified, mainly graphite and carbon. It is formed by roasting a mixture of coke and asphalt. Its manufacturing process is to calcine the petroleum coke before manufacturing, in order to reduce the content of volatile matter and remove the hydrocarbon components in it, so as to dry shrink the volume of coke and increase the density. The calcined coke particles are crushed, mixed with adhesive, extruded and baked, and then converted into carbon. These products are carbon products, namely carbon anode.

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