Potential control and detection after operation of cathodic protection system

Before the operation of the cathodic protection system, staff should be arranged to measure the natural potential of the whole protected pipeline, the natural potential and grounding resistance of each anode ground bed, and the soil resistivity of the surrounding environment 24 hours after the temporary cathodic protection measures are removed. During these works, we should have a detailed understanding of the environment around the whole pipeline. And these environmental information should be classified, recorded and filed for use in the construction process.

When the cathodic protection station enters the operation stage, the first thing to be debugged is the DC power supply equipment, such as potentiostat, battery and so on. When the DC power supply equipment starts to operate for more than 4 hours, the output current, voltage, electrifying point potential and electrifying potential along the pipeline can be measured. Check all the data after the detection. If the protection potential of some pipe sections is too low than that of other places, it is necessary to adjust the potential of the power on point in time so that the cathodic protection potential of the whole pipeline can reach the protection potential.

Cathodic protection system after the operation of potential control and detection, protection potential control. In the commissioning and operation stage of cathodic protection system, the connection between adjacent protection stations should be strengthened, so as to ensure that the protection potential of pipeline section in each protection station is balanced when the potential value of each power on point is adjusted. The commissioning and operation of cathodic protection system also includes the measurement of instantaneous power-off potential. Complex work is required to complete the measurement, and the power supply is turned on and off at the same time. Therefore, polarization probes should be installed at the confluence point of the pipeline and the middle position of two adjacent cathodic protection stations to measure the polarization potential.

Until the potential value of all pipelines reaches the minimum cathodic protection potential index, the operation monitoring of cathodic protection system can announce the end of operation. After all the cathodic protection workstations are put into normal continuous working state, the close spaced potential measurement of the whole pipeline line should be carried out within one month to ensure that each point of the pipeline can meet the requirements of cathodic protection specification. And after the normal operation of the cathodic protection system every five years, the close spacing potential measurement should be carried out. During this period, the electric potential of the test pile pipe, the bushing and the insulation joint should be tested many times.

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