Protection of magnesium alloy from stress corrosion cracking

Most of the stress corrosion failure tests of magnesium alloys are carried out in the laboratory. In practice, the failure cases are very few, and most of them are caused by excessive residual stress.

Die casting magnesium alloy is the structural magnesium alloy with the fastest growth rate in the market, and most of them are used in the automobile manufacturing industry. AZ91D alloy is mainly used. The stress corrosion cracking of the alloy is the most concerned problem in many engineering applications. Most magnesium alloy parts are used under low stress conditions. If the influence of environmental factors is not considered, there are few cases of obvious stress corrosion failure.

The stress of magnesium alloy is produced under the influence of external deformation and initial environment, and decreases with yield and creep. The galvanic corrosion in the severe salt spray corrosion environment leads to the rupture of the protective film and the stress corrosion cracking. In fact, magnesium alloy parts always lead to stress concentration due to serious corrosion in the slotted parts. Therefore, the protection of magnesium alloy stress corrosion cracking has become an important application topic.

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