Spraying technology of magnesium alloy

Metal spraying technology has been widely used in anti-corrosion, mainly for steel structures. Due to the thickness of metal spray coating, it is limited in some common applications. The method of preventing stress corrosion cracking of aluminum alloy by metal spraying technology is rarely reported. In order to ensure the reliable protection of magnesium alloy, the metal spray coating should not only have good mechanical protection, but also have effective electrochemical protection. The potential of magnesium alloys used in industry is very small, so it is very difficult to choose anode spraying materials.

With paint coating and no metal spraying layer, it can prevent magnesium alloy from stress corrosion cracking for a long time without mechanical damage, but its protection effect is far less than that of metal spraying bottom layer. Although some paint coatings have good protection effect, once the paint coating is mechanically scratched, the reliability of magnesium alloy with high stress corrosion tendency will be greatly reduced.

In addition, thermal spraying treatment of aluminum diffusion has begun industrial application. It is generally considered that it is impractical to spray on magnesium alloy, but in fact, as long as the process is properly controlled, the surface protection treatment of magnesium alloy can be used. The process is flame spraying aluminum under the protection of inert gas. Pure aluminum wire is used for thermal spraying. During spraying, the surface temperature and thickness of the sprayed parts can be controlled by adjusting the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece and the spraying time. After spraying, the pores in the coating should be eliminated to promote the mutual diffusion between the aluminum layer and the matrix magnesium, and increase the bonding force, which not only improves the corrosion resistance of the magnesium alloy, but also improves the surface hardness.

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