Underwater corrosion of ship structure

The underwater part of hull structure generally includes stern, bow, bottom and side. The bow of the ship is in the wave area for a long time, and the froth is frothing. Seawater can produce strong hydrodynamic force on the hull of a ship, and the coating is usually seriously damaged. However, the hull of the ship's side often causes serious damage to the surface coating of the ship's side when the ship is docked.

The stern of hull structure is mainly made of copper alloy, especially at the end of hull, which is easy to cause serious corrosion. The outer coating of ship hull is easily damaged.

In addition, some floating objects in the sea may also cause serious damage to the hull coating. Moreover, if there is a large amount of petroleum products on the ocean surface where the hull is located, these petroleum products will also cause serious damage to the outer coating of the hull. This is because the coatings used in the waterline area have no stable properties, especially in petroleum products. In addition, the changing dry and wet conditions greatly increase the corrosivity of some corrosive media.

In addition, the welding parts of the underwater part of the hull structure are particularly prone to corrosion. The corrosion of the underwater part of the hull structure is usually electric corrosion.

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