What are the main advantages of flexible anode compared with common centralized buried anode?

Compared with the conventional centralized buried anode, flexible anode has the following advantages:

1. Flexible anode can overcome the influence of environment, that is, it can provide stable output current and maintain the stability of required protection potential no matter what soil resistivity is;

2. Flexible anode can not only prevent external interference corrosion, but also avoid the influence of interference current on the outside;

3. Flexible anode can play a specific protective role in special areas (such as old pipelines) in some strong corrosive environment;

4. Flexible anode facilities have low maintenance requirements, high electrical efficiency, low energy consumption and long service life, generally 30 or 40 years;

5. The cathodic protection of flexible anode does not produce pollutants and does no harm to the environment.

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