What is the function of intelligent potential acquisition instrument for pipeline?

China's energy structure is characterized by rich coal, poor oil and little gas, and the dependence of oil and gas resources on foreign countries has always been high. With the improvement of people's living standards, the popularity of automobiles, especially the increase of environmental pressure, the proportion of oil and natural gas in primary energy in China is increasing. In 2017, China's per capita energy consumption increased from 2.98 tons of standard coal in 2012 to 3.23 tons. Among them, coal decreased from 3.05 tons to 2.77 tons, oil decreased from 0.35 tons to 0.43 tons, and natural gas decreased from 110.8 cubic meters to 169.7 cubic meters.

With the increase of oil and gas demand, pipeline as an important mode of oil and gas transportation, its role is more and more prominent. The total mileage of China's long-distance oil and gas pipelines has exceeded 130000 km, and the four strategic oil and gas import channels of northwest, northeast, southwest and sea have been continuously improved. The oil and gas transportation capacity of onshore pipelines has reached 60 million tons and 65 billion cubic meters respectively. From 2014 to 2017, driven by oil and gas demand, China's oil and gas pipeline construction continued to grow.

Pipeline transportation has become an indispensable transportation mode in industry because of its advantages of large volume, fast speed, safety and reliability, low cost.

Due to long-term contact with air and wet soil, long-distance pipeline is prone to corrosion, which affects the normal transportation of pipeline. In serious cases, oil and gas leakage and explosion may occur. Therefore, pipeline anti-corrosion is of great significance in pipeline transportation.

At present, the most widely used method in pipeline anti-corrosion is physical corrosion plus cathodic protection. Cathodic protection is mainly divided into sacrificial anode protection and forced current protection. If the cathodic protection potential is too high, hydrogen evolution corrosion will occur. On the contrary, if the current is too small, the anti-corrosion effect is not obvious.

Intelligent potential acquisition instrument is suitable for long-term safe operation of high-voltage transmission pipeline. It can timely discover potential safety hazards in management and control, reduce the impact on pipeline facilities, realize monitoring in key areas, timely and accurate measurement, early warning and elimination of potential safety hazards, and realize the overall big data security prevention and management system.

Overall functional advantages:

1. Complete management and multiple monitoring methods for key high-risk areas, detection and early warning in advance to avoid accidents;

2. The software is safe, confidential, reliable and universal; GPS synchronous acquisition is convenient to analyze the interference law;

3. The data measurement and transmission are accurate, and the core sensor and analysis system are manufactured with international advanced technology;

4. Large power supply capacity, long duration and investment life up to 5 years;

5. The host has small volume, low power consumption, convenient installation, and the explosion-proof and moisture-proof grade reaches IP66;

6. The information flow card shall be approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the communication fee shall be managed uniformly;

7. The installation of the system does not need to change the original design of urban pipe network, so the installation and detection in the original design are well realized.

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